• General information

    Our location :
    Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije - Slovenian Museum of Natural History
    Prešernova cesta 20 (for visitors: Muzejska 1), p. o. box 290, SI - 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija

    from Monday to Sunday between 10 am and 18 pm
    on Thursdays between 10 am and 20 pm

    January 1st, May 1st, November 1st, and December 25th

    Visiting the Museum is possible under the conditions of RVT:

    • recovered
    • vaccinated
    • tested

     Please, submit your certificate upon entry (except children under the age of 15).

    T: (00 386 1) 241 09 40
    F: (00 386 1) 241 09 53
    E: uprava@pms-lj.si

  • Our outstanding speciments

    • Photo: Ciril Mlinar Cic
      Photo: Ciril Mlinar Cic

    Human fish

    Some of our most interesting exhibited items. Find out, why they are so interesting that we would like to point them out.


  • Interesting natural history lectures

    Some of our programme (lectures in Slovene) is available on site Videolectures.net .