Have you ever wondered whether we have preserved fossil wood in Slovenia? The answer is affirmative – yes. Numerous remains have been discovered In the hills of Tunjiško gričevje, in the sand pits between Moravče and Izlake, in the Zasavje coal mines and, of course, in Šaleška dolina. All the mentioned fossil woods differ from each other in respect of their age, and they belong to different species. Fossil woods are most easily studied and identified with the help of microscopic preparations, observed and photographed under a microscope. Thus, several species of coniferous and deciduous woods have been identified from the Oligocene and Miocene layers of Slovenia. From the Zasavje region, only taxodia that once thrived in swamps have been recorded, while in Moravska dolina, remains of cinnamon trees and mangroves, once proliferating in the river delta, have been found.

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