“In the glass cabinet underneath the third window, we find one hundred and eight types of wood from Carniola, fashioned into the form of books with labels in the manner of titles. There are, in addition, just as many jars containing seeds and a fascicle in which leaves and flowers are kept. This collection was gifted by the honourable governor, Baron Schmidburg, and collected by the noble Pinter, forester from Šmohorje.” This is how Count Hohenwart described Pinter’s collection in the first guide to the Provincial Museum of Carniola. It was featured as one of the opening exhibitions in 1831, when the museum was opened in the building of a former Franciscan monastery. At its peak, the collection of wood samples comprised as many as 751 domestic and foreign species. However to this day, only 115 specimens have been preserved, of which 64 are original. The names of the species are marked in golden letters in German, Latin, Italian, Hungarian and Slovenian (in Bohoričica alphabet).

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