Have you ever asked yourself where one of the oldest fossils in Slovenia can be found? You do not need to go far from our capital city, as rocks with fossils can be found in the vicinity of Podlipoglav. In the valley northeast of Podlipoglav, you will find places here and there with conglomerates formed in the Late Palaeozoic. Among gravel-stones, even as big as a soccer ball, individual limestone specimens appear in which even Silurian fossils have been found. Silurian rod-shaped cephalopods and two trilobites of the genus Prionopeltis were discovered. Fossils of this kind are fairly rare in Slovenia. The Lower Devonian gravel-stones are slightly younger, but they contain interesting microfossils, such as conodonts, with which the age of some gravel-stones have been proved.

Prepared by: Matija Križnar

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