There is an entry in the mining book A under number 2901, date 14 October 1850: Drauwald Mine (Drava Forest mine), owners Jakob Krušnik, Karl Kranz and Johan Baumgartner. This mine produced silver-bearing lead, copper and zinc ore. In 1853, 74 kg of silver were obtained by smelting in Ožbalt ob Dravi. The mine operated intermittently until 1934 and changed ownership several times.

A distinguishing feature of its long-abandoned shafts with the cumulative length of approx. 350 metres is their mineral diversity. In the many years of geological and mineralogical research, over 70 types of minerals have been found here, with baryte, malachite and azurite being the most prominent.

The Remšnik mine has given us 16 new types of minerals, most of them in microscopic crystal form. Most of them are globally scarce and some, like native copper, cuprite, rosasite, brianyoungite, aurichalcite, linarite, beaverite, posnjakite, langite, carbonate cyanotrichite can only be found here.

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