Herbarium is a collection of dried and systematically arranged plants. The word originates from Latin herba, meaning a plant. Herbaria are intended for learning and research.

Older herbarium collections are part of our cultural heritage, part of the history of botanical science in our country. In them hides the botanical memory of the country.

Old herbaria, which are housed by the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, comprise around 50,000 herbarium sheets. Among them is the oldest known herbarium in our country; it is dated back to 1696 and was edited by Janez Krstnik Flysser, a physician from Ljutomer.

Herbaria from the second half of the 18th century and the 19th century are already classical collections of separate leaves or sheets, onto which dried plants are customarily glued. They are equipped with labels on which at least the Latin name of the species is written. The Slovenian Museum of Natural History holds the collections of many naturalists who collected plants on our soil. The collections of Balthasar Hacquet, Karl Zois, Franco Hladnik, Henrik Freyer, Valentin Pleml and many others are particularly valuable.

Exsiccate (dry) herbarium collections, which used to be published in several copies and had printed labels, are of special interest. The author or editor of the collection sent the sheets in packs of 100. In the making of such collections, various botanists took part. One of the first such collections of this kind was the German dried flora (Flora Germanica exsiccata), made in the period between 1830 and 1845. Comprising 2,600 sheets, few Carniolan (Slovenian) botanists took part in its creation, too. The Slovenian Museum of Natural History houses one of the rare complete copies of this prominent collection.

Fungi, lichens, mosses

1. Herbarium W. Voss (Fungi)…..77 maps
2. Herbarium S. Robič (Algae)…..3 maps
3. Herbarium S. Robič (Lichenes)…..16 maps
4. Herbarium S. Robič (Fungi)…..8 maps
5. Herbarium S. Robič (Musci)…..2 maps
6. Herbarium S. Robič – V. Plemel (Lichenes)…..1 map
7. Herbarium S. Robič – V. Plemel (Fungi)…..1 map
8. Herbarium J. Šafer (Lichenes)…..5 maps
9. Herbarium J. Šafer (Musci)…..8 maps
10. Herbarium V. Lindtner…..1 map
11. Flora exsiccata Austro-Hungarica (Fungi)…..2 maps
12. Herbarium A. Piskernik (Algae)…..1 map
13. Herbarium P. Titius (Algae)…..1 map
14. Marine algae from the surroundings of Miramare…..1 map
15. Flora Germanica exsiccata Cryptogamia (Algae)…..1 map
16. Unknown fungi (no author)…..1 map
17. Fungi europaei (?)…..1 map
18. Fungi (in matchboxes)…..10 boxes
19. Mushroom models H. Arnoldi…..13 boxes

Vascular plants

20. Herbarium J. K. Flysser (1696)…..1 book
21. Herbarium Erberg (1798)…..2 books
22. Joint herbarium…..ca 100 maps
23. Herbarium H. Freyer…..11 maps
24. Herbarium J. Dolliner…..44 maps
25. Herbarium N. Rastern…..64 maps
26. Herbarium V. Plemel…..54 maps
27. Herbarium M. Tommasini…..2 maps
28. Herbarium T. Zupan…..1 map
29. Herbarium H. Hoegler (?)…..17 maps
30. Herbarium E. Pajnič…..31 maps
31. Herbarium S. Robič (ferns)…..?
32. Herbarium J. Šafer (ferns)…..2 maps
33. Herbarium J. Šafer (grasses)…..5 maps
34. Local and excursion herbarium (A. Piskernik and A. Budnar)…..14 maps
35. Herbarium M. Wraber…..5 maps
36. Protected plants…..1 map
37. Indeterminate and unarranged plants…..30 maps
38. FLORA GERMANICA EXSICCATA (Reichenbach) …..30 maps
41. Herbarium N. Praprotnik…..34 maps
42. Herbarium B. Hacquet…..15 maps
43. Herbarium K. Zois…..10 maps
44. Collection of wood samples…..4 boxes
45. Herbarium F. W. Sieber
46. Botanical collection of Prva gimnazija Maribor

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