This collection was continually published from 1830 to 1845 in Leipzig by the German botanist H.G.L. Reichenbach. In the collection, which embraces 2,600 sheets, he collected plants from Germany and its neighboring countries. The sheets are printed and were predominantly published in the journal Regensburg Flora. Most of the Carniolan botanists of that time collaborated with Reichenbach, with some foreign botanists collecting plants in the territory of Slovenia as well. The German dried flora mainly includes endemic and rare plants from Carniola, some of which were also new to botanical science. 256 species are from our territory, which means no less than 10%. In the collection participated, among others, the Provincial Museum of Carniola’s curator Henrik Freyer, imperial royal botanical gardener Andrej Fleischmann, Ph.D. in Chemistry and pharmacist Žiga Graf, Trieste botanist and administrative officer Muzio de Tommasini, botanist Franc Hladnik, physician Georg Dolliner and Baron Nikomed Rastern. The Slovenian Museum of Natural History houses one of the few complete copies of this famous exsiccate herbarium collection.

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