Bidermeier wooden tables

Opposite the mineral collection there are two beautiful wooden table with a mosaic on the upper surface. Polished tiles minerals and rocks fall into Palnstorf collection of minerals and rocks. Joseph Palnstorf was a senior civil servant in the former Duchy of Carniola. He was interested in science, especially mineralogy. His collection of minerals and rocks comprising 1330 quad-designed polished tiles rock and minerals 2,419 tiles. The second owner of his collection was Rudež Frederick, lord and pet owner. The collection was donated to the crossing 1831/32 the former Provincial Museum.The then President of the Museum Board of Trustees Count Franz Joseph Hannibal Hohenwart ordered the preparation of two wooden Biedermeier table, which are lined with 393 tiles of minerals and rocks from Palnstorfove collections. Mosaic tiles on the upper sides of the two committees composed of polished tiles selected minerals and rocks. Among the minerals found lapis lazuli, Lepidolite, calcite, amethyst, labradorite. The rocks are more numerous. Many limestones with various fossils can easily be found conglomerates and breccias, between the metamorphic rocks mention marble frequent are also igneous rocks.