You can admire the extraordinary diversity of the insect world in our display cases. You will get acquainted with the almost unbelievable complete metamorphosis of some groups, the representatives of which transform from larvae into apparently utterly different adult animals. The ones with incomplete metamorphosis have larvae that are very similar to adults, which grow, moult and after the last moult become sexually mature and turn into adults. Among the butterflies, you can have a look at some of our commonest representatives flying during the day. They can be seen on nutritious plants or while sipping minerals from animal droppings. The butterflies that fly during the night and are twenty times more numerous than those flying during the day can be observed in all seasons. Also presented here are some of our endangered, rare and protected species.

Project Leader: Dr. Staša Tome
Exhibition Authors: Dr. Staša Tome, Matjaž Černila, Dr. Tomi Trilar, Dr. Al Vrezec, Dr. Andrej Gogala
Photography: Dr. Andrej Gogala, Andrej Kapla, Dr. Tomi Trilar, Dr. Al Vrezec, Shutterstock Butterfly Metamorphosis
Video: Marko Lengar
Design: Dolores Gerbec
Proofreading and English Translation: Henrik Ciglič
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