The Invertebrate Department investigates, identifies, records, documents, evaluates and scientifically researches invertebrates and cultural heritage of invertebrate origin, completes and protects invertebrate collections, and with the help of exhibitions, lectures, publications and other media presents the systematics, fauna, ecology and nature conservation of invertebrates to the public. The Slovenian archive of animal sounds also operates within the Department of Invertebrates.

Interesting facts from the world of insects

Did you know that insects are a very numerous group? Their number greatly exceeds the number of people – experts estimate that there are 200 million insects per person. Read more interesting facts about this animal group!


Heteroptera of Slovenia

True bugs are characterised by their mouthparts forming a rostrum, with which they suck plant or animal tissues, liquidised by their enzimes. True bugs are a very diverse group, living in all sorts of terrestrial and fresh water habitats. Insects of the suborder Heteroptera (order Hemiptera) are classified into infraorders listed below.


Database of Invertebrate Pictures

Department of invertebrate zoology takes care of Database of Invertebrate Pictures.

Wild bees of Slovenia

As pollinators of numerous plants, bees are indispensable for the survival of terrestrial ecosystems. In Slovenia, 575 wild bee species have been registered so far, most of them living a solitary life.


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