The exhibition highlights the important principles of nature and the fact that everything in our world is changing. Earth has been changing since the planet formed, and over a history spanning billions of years life on Earth has undergone evolutionary change. On every level, we are witnessing changes occurring between birth and death, the seasons, day and night, between ebb and flow. Living environments are also changing. Massive and alarming changes in nature have recently been caused by mankind. Human over-exploitation of natural resources and pollution have led to global climate change, species are becoming extinct at a significantly faster rate than ever before in the history of life on Earth.

The exhibition In the Vortex of Change takes us through the evolution of Earth and life on our planet, providing an up-close look at the major types of natural environments (mountains, the sea, rivers, forests, the subterranean world, meadows), as well as surprising and unusual changes, changes often hidden from view but occurring constantly in nature. The show offers an opportunity to discover, explore and marvel at the mysteries of nature, as well as to reflect on and find answers to various questions. Perhaps the most difficult of these questions is whether mankind will have the wisdom of foresight to stop the destruction of nature and ensure sustainable development for posterity. And how each one of us can play our part in saving the Earth.

From Dec 13 until 2022 to Nov 5 2023.

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