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Boris Kryštufek, Ph.D.

  • Photo: Marko Masterl
    Photo: Marko Masterl
  • Museum Councillor
  • Head of Department of Vertebrate Zoology


Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije
Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Department of Vertebrate Zoology
Prešernova cesta 20, p. o. box 290, SI - 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: (00 386 1) 241 09 50
F: (00 386 1) 241 09 53


  • Biologist
  • Doctor of Biological Sciences

Work description

  • Head of Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Mammals Collection manegement
  • Editor of museum's publication SCOPOLIA
  • Taxonomy, Zoogeography and Conservation Biology of Mammals in Slovenia, South Eastern Europe, Middle East and Palaearctic. Experiences in field,  cabinet and laboratory work in zoology, monitoring animal populations, manegament and coordination of research groups and projects, writing and editing scientific and popular texts. Experienced in basic zoology drawings, statistical programs and working with databases.

Prizes and awards

  • Valvasor Award in 2011 for the exhibition Mysterious death of the young Leonora
  • Research Fellow (Research Associate) in Zoologisches Forschungsinstitut und Museum A. Koenig in Bonn (2013). Honorary Senior Fellow (Honorary Senior Fellow) at the University of Hull, United Kingdom (2002). Regional Coordinator for Palaearctic for small terrestrial mammals in the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN (since 2009). Coordinator for Eastern Europe Committee for the systematic collection of the International Association mamologov (Systematic Collections Committee of the International Federation of Mammalogists; 2007)


  • Sesalci Slovenije (1991), The Atlas of European Mammals (1999), Osnove varstvene biologije (1999), Kljuc za dolocanje vretencarjev Slovenije (1999), Mammals of Turkey and Cyprus (2001, 2005, 2009), Living with Bears: A large European carnivore in a shrinking World (2003; dobitnik CIC Literary Prize za 2004), Balkan Biodiversity: Pattern and Process in the European Hotspot (2004), Polh in clovek (2007).
  • Researcher No: 09211
  • Scientific bibliography
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