The old geological collection still gives us an insight into some interesting specimens. Collecting natural history items was once the domain of wealthy private collectors and, later on, also of museums and similar institutions. In these collections, specimens whose traces have been lost or should not have existed at all are often hiding as well. Good examples are some fossil specimens, which were no doubt collected by Simon Robič (1824-1897). He was extremely well read and active naturalist, even though he was a parish priest. He is best known for collecting fossils in the vicinity of Kamnik, particularly in the hills of Tunjiško gričevje, where he collected samples even during his old age. Still, not much is known about his activities during his younger years (around 1840-1860), and it was only recently that some of his fossil specimens from 1850 have been found. Thorough re-examinations of old geological collections yielded two more interesting specimens discovered by Simon Robič, with one of them still a mysterious remnant of a fossil fish tooth.

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