Natural history museums around the world are repositories of nature, striving to preserve parts of the ever-changing natural world for the present and future. The Slovenian Museum of Natural History is the only state museum in Slovenia with such a mission. Our mission also includes the preservation of collections created in Slovenia for research, educational, or other purposes, and are part of the cultural heritage of natural origin. In 2023, we received an unexpectedly large number of vertebrate collections contributed by various donors, which were included in the Museum’s archives. Through the year, we will present some of the major collections  received and included in the national vertebrate collection.


Tilen Bogovič Collection

Tilen Bogovič from Krško built up his private collection over several years. It consists mainly of specimens of domesticated animal species. With donation of this collection, the Museum has acquired over 130 new specimens, including new species of exotic reptiles and amphibians. We have also expanded the archives of domesticated bird and mammal species.

Authors: Al Vrezec, Matic Centa, Mojca Jernejc Kodrič

On display from March 22 to May 5, 2024.

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