Collection of ornamental stones of Madagascar

In 2021, Mr. Lev Tit Pogelšek and Katarina Zoja Pogelšek donated a variety of samples of predominantly quartz varieties from Madagascar. Leon Pogelšek and Jani Kikel mediated the donation. As part of their diploma work, under the mentorship of Dr. Miha Jeršek, designed and polished by Žan Kobal and Matjaž Grzetič, students of the Higher Vocational College from Sežana. The collection of cabochons and two-faceted specimens became part of the collection of gemstones of the Slovenian Museum of Natural History. Sincere thanks to all!

Geological Display Case is on view until January 10, 2024.

Authors: Žan Kobal, Matjaž Grzetič and Miha Jeršek
Photos: Miha Jeršek

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