Commemorative geological showcase

Prof. dr. Anton Ramovš (1924-2012) was born in Dolenja vas in Selška dolina. His research mainly focused on fossils from the Palaeozoic beds of Karavanke, Škofja Loka and Polhov Gradec hills and Ortnek in Dolenjska. He pioneered the study of microscopically small conodonts, which helped to solve many puzzles about the age of rock strata. In addition to teaching and palaeontological research, he also studied waterfalls and decorative and building stones and their products found in Slovenia. During his long geological and university career, he described several new genera and species of fossils, among which the brachiopod genus Karavankina certainly stands out. He also devoted himself to writing popular articles on interesting geological topics, especially for local anthologies and monographs. Anton Ramovš was the author of more than 500 scientific, professional and popular articles and is still considered one of the greatest Slovenian palaeontologists and geologists.

The showcase will be open to the public from June 3 to October 10, 2024, at the Slovenian Museum of Natural History.

Authors of the exhibition: Matija Križnar and Matevž Novak

The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Slovenian Museum of Natural History Museum and the Slovenian Geological Society.

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