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Slovenian Wildlife Sound Archieve

Slovenian Wildlife Sound Archive is a scientific collection of animal sounds housed in the Slovenian Museum of Natural History. The collection includes mainly original animal sound recordings on digital storage media (HD-s, CD-s, CD ROM-s, DVD-s, etc.), DAT-cassettes, analogue magnetic tapes and cassettes, which were made by researchers in the museum and some other collaborators. 

The primary goal of the archive is to collect the recordings of sounds and calls of all the animal species distributed in Slovenia, which are producing sounds. 

The research is focused mainly into the bioacoustics of Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) in Europe , Asia Minor and SE Asia.

There are 4 CD published from the material from archive:

  • Pojoci škržati Slovenije,
  • Ljubljansko barje – skrivnostni svet živalskega oglašanja,
  • Gozdne ptice Slovenije in
  • Slovenske žabe.

Contact: Tomi Trilar, Ph.D.

Bioacoustics singing cicadas

Slovene cicadas

Songs of Europian cicadas

Azijski škržadi

Bioakustika in glasba