Forest, marsh and Alpine dioramas

The diorama is a screened place, where fauna and flora in a certain setting are depicted. 

The forest diorama presents the world of forest animals. Here are the representatives of mammals: even-toed hoofed animals, large carnivores, hares, rodents and insectivores. You shall, of course, also be able to see songbirds, cuckoos, waders, gallinaceous birds, owls and birds of prey.

In the Alpine diorama we can have a look at a Chamois, Alpine Marmot, Tree Dormouse, Black Grouse, Ptarmigan and Ring Ouzel. Also exhibited are numerous plants, such as Wulfen's Primrose, Dwarf Alpenrose, Great Yellow Gentian, Clusius' Gentian, Zois' Violet, Mountain Avens, Edelweiss and others.

The palustrine or marsh diorama depicts life at Ljubljansko barje (the Ljubljana Marsh). The Grass Snake and the European Pond Terrapin are among the reptiles that can be seen here.