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Cave Bear

The Cave Bear was a large Ice Age beast. It inhabited the area spreading from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus. In Slovenia, it was a common inhabitant at that time, which has been proven by the large quantities of its bones found in numerous caves. Concerning its size, the Cave Bear can be compared with the Grizzly and the Polar Bear, which are today the largest carnivores on Earth. The Cave Bear differed from the Brown Bear by its front extremities, which were bigger than the rear ones, a more robust skull with a solid crest around the vertex, as well as by its large and powerful canine and other front teeth. It was an omnivore, though it fed mainly on plants. Cave Bear used karst caves as its wintering quarters, while in the summer it found them very handy to cool off. As far as its way of life is concerned, it resembles the modern American Grizzly. The Cave Bear became extinct due to the climate changes at the end of the Ice Age.