Photo: Ciril Mlinar Cic


From May 1st to September 30th,
each day from 8.30 to18.30 hrs.

A walk through the garden

In Juliana about 600 different plant species can be found. Despite some deficiencies that cannot be avoided, it does contain the most characteristic and most beautiful examples of the flora of the Slovene Alps, foothills, and the karst. You cab read more about them in the guide book The Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden in the Trenta Valley (2000). We will mention here only some of them.

"The lofty, glittering crests of Prisojnik, the Velika Dnina's mighty depths and the tower-like parapets of Lepa Špica gaze into the Juliana Garden. The panorama from the Garden extends far into both reaches of the the valley. This mountain jewel is bounded by the jutting rock walls of the golden alpine meadows and the steep forests, gigantic cushions lying against the soaring slopes and reaching down into the blue ravines. It is as if all the overwhelming beauty of Trenta was gathered around this mountain Garden, encircling it as a magnificent crown. May the benevolent stars continue to protect the Garden!"

Julius Kugy: Toil, Music, the Mountains

  • Zois' Bellflower (Foto C. Mlinar)
    Zois' Bellflower (Foto C. Mlinar)

Zois' path

Zois' Bellflower

Scabiosa trenta

Triglav Flower


Blagay's Daphne

Carniolan Primrose