Photo: Ciril Mlinar Cic


From May 1st to September 30th,
each day from 8.30 to18.30 hrs.

Interactive guide

The guide helps you to explore alpine botanical garden JULIANA. 

You will find 100 most tipical plant species, which prosper in Juliana and bloom every year!

You can use interactive guide in English and some other languages:

100 plants to discover in the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden (Slovenia)

Cento piante da scoprire al giardino alpino Juliana (Val Trenta, Slovenia)

Lernen Sie 100 Pflanzen des Alpiner botanischer Garten Juliana (Slowenien) kennen

Découvrons 100 plantes du Jardin botanique alpin Juliana (Slovénie)

See it also as a publication in English (Italian, German or French).