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  • Information about Juliana

    Where can you find us?
    Juliana is situated in the Trenta Valley
    near the hamlet of Pri Cerkvi above the
    Kranjska Gora - Bovec road.

    from May 1st to September 30th,
    each day from 8.30 to 18.30 hrs.

    T: + 386 1 241 09 40
    F: + 386 1 241 09 53
    E: uprava@pms-lj.si

  • What blooms?

    About 600 different plant species prosper in the garden. Most of them are Alpine species, because of the low altitude, quite a lot of carst and submediterrain species could be find. You can read more about them in guide book Alpine botanical garden Juliana in Trenta. Some species are described here, more of them are described in the publication 100 plants to discover in the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden (Slovenia).

    N. Praprotnik: Alpski botanicni vrt Juliana in seznami rastlin = The Juliana Botanical Garden and lists of its plants, 2012

    The article in SCOPOLIA No. 75 enumerates Juliana's guidebooks and makes references to seed gathering, lists of plants, various signboards for the garden and nameplates for its plants. A list of plants that used to thrive in the Garden and still do is also given. The various lists have been written by Albert Bois de Chesne, Julius Kugy, Angela Piskernik, Ciril Jeglic, Tone Wraber and Nada Praprotnik. The common list embraces no less than 1,343 taxa. Pdf

  • New booklet in English

    Available in the garden (3,00 EUR).

  • New booklet in German

    Available in the garden (3,00 EUR)