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Invertebrate zoology collections

As in most natural history museums beeatles and butterflties collections represent the majority of our collections. Although some of them are very olf (slose to the museum foundation time) they are not the time close to the museum foundation there are not yet updated.

Slovenian Museum of Natural History has entomology collections of unvaluable cultural history significance. The shoe the evolution of entomology collections, thoughts, collection techniques and changes in biodiversity. Those collections are called historical entomology collections. The recent collections are edited after contemporary principles - they are so called study collections, among them inactive and active collections which are maintained by museum entomology curators and somtimes externall professionals.

Entomological collections are kept in an alcohol depot, collections of dry materials are kept in temporary depository (together with herbarium, vertebrate collections).

Historical collections

Unactive entomological collections

Active entomological collections

Database of Invertebrate Pictures

Slovene Vernacular Names of Invertebrates